For years we have been attempting to develop various incarnations of metallic camouflage - camouflage that depends more on the visual attributes of metals than on other raw materials - and in 2020 we finally hit the jackpot. Meet TITANIUM camouflage, a very unique and unusual camo

pattern that works like a horse despite it's colourful complexion.


Maple Leaf Splash TT.png
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Titanium Camo Camouflage.png

What this camouflage is good for:

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Moose Graphic White.png
Boar Graphic White.png

Not originally intended to be used for hunting, Titanium camo has actually been showing alot of promise in our field trials, and it seems to fool ungulates quite well. We have not yet been able to properly test it on other game - turkeys and predators for example are both infamously hard to hide from, and we do not recommend this camouflage for hunting those more cunning species.

Titanium camouflage is only recommended as a 'lifestyle' camouflage, that is to say, it looks really cool on a sports bra or a bucket seat but there are much better camo patterns to wear out in the field.

However, Titanium's technology holds the future of camouflage, and we can't wait to see all that can be done with it.

How does this camouflage even work?

Blue is often treated as a taboo colour in the hunting arena, especially in certain regions of the United States, and there's a certain logic to that. Blue is a very easy colour to see, and it's probably the colour that the most species of game can see (for example, some game animals can't see green, or red, or purple, but almost all game animals can see blue equally well). So why did we use blue so heavily in Titanium camouflage? Because in our country, blue is a non-threatening colour. It is the colour of harmless birds, wildflowers, water, the sky.... It may be easily visible but it is anything but alarming.


For this reason, we decided to use it to break up other colours in the spectrum - so that this camouflage (at least theoretically) works on a very wide range of species.


Titanium camo has a dark rainbow of colours crossing almost the entire spectrum in a reverse Troxler effect.

Titanium Camo Camouflage Right.png
Titanium Camo Camouflage Left.png