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A camouflage inspired by our ancestors, the first hunters in Canada, REVENANT™ camo is the marriage of past and present. Forms and styles used in native artwork for centuries - inspired by our ancestral cultures such as the Mohawk, Anishinaabe, Cree and even the Beothuk - make a juxtaposition with state-of-the-art modern day camouflage technology to create this camouflage which honours the ancient tradition of hunting by bringing the past into the future. This is REVENANT™ camouflage.


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What this camouflage is good for:

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Revenant™ camouflage is intended for use in mixed wood and coniferous forests across the country, but can also be used to some degree in hardwood regions such as southern Ontario. It is also useful in semi-open western habitats such as mountain glades, parklands, and near the timberline.

Revenant™ is designed for ground use and spot-and-stalk hunting, though in some circumstances it can also be worn in a tree stand. If you decide to use this camouflage in a tree stand, it is recommended that a tree species with blocky, heavy textured bark be selected - this pattern does not blend in well with smooth-barked hardwoods.

Revenant™ camo is designed for big-game hunting (in Eastern, Western, and Northern settings - very versatile), and turkey hunting. 

Why this camouflage works so well:

Revenant™ camo has an overall concentric, blocky pattern, which on the human form accomplishes the same shape disruption that the Ruffed Grouse's plumage does for that infamously illusive upland bird. While the pattern is not random, it is large scale and recurring shapes and forms are very hard to recognize, even to us.

While Revenant™ technically has a neutral light aspect, there are numerous types of countershading used in this pattern, and every different countershading technique actually follows a different set of shapes, so that working in conjunction they form an inscrutable pattern of subtle light and shade which works together to break your outline.

Rather than using only random, computer generated shapes and forms to make up the finer details of the pattern, Revenant™ includes a good helping of native-inspired artwork, with J.R. Lucas trying to invoke a wide array of styles.

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