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The very first Canadian hunting camouflage, originally named "Uplands", we remastered this pattern for it's 5th anniversary and gave it a new name to suit it's freshened look: enter REBORN.™ We added some technological advancements to the remastered version so that this all-around forest floor camouflage is able to hide you from just about anything you want to hunt.

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What this camouflage is good for:

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Reborn™ is intended for use in hardwood and mixed wood forests, but can also be used to some degree in boreal habitats. It is also useful in marginal landscapes such as fencerows in farm country, and parklands out west.

Reborn™ camouflage is meant to be worn on the ground, perfect for sitting quietly under that big oak tree waiting for your dream turkey to walk out in front of you. It is also great for spot-and-stalk situations, although it predates most of our development of motion-disrupting techniques, we trust your skill as a hunter can bridge the gap.

Reborn™ camo is designed for big-game hunting, predator hunting, and turkey hunting. 

Why this camouflage works so well:

Reborn™ is composed of natural elements arranged in an abstract form - it is not meant to be a photographic image of the forest floor, rather it conveys the look of the forest floor but with added camouflage technology and time honoured disruptive patterns, which allows it to transcend the capabilities of a mere photograph.

One of these technologies is the addition of spectral rosettes throughout the pattern. These were included specifically for turkey hunting, since the eyes of the turkey can pick up different colours than the human eye, and having this layer (nearly invisible to us) adds another dimension of disruption.

Reborn™ camo is relatively light-neutral, having no significant shading or light aspect, but it does include a consistent small-scale counter shade throughout the pattern, which helps divide the shapes of the the pattern. 

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