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Background painting - "Lazarus" by Emily Houghton. Commissioned and used under license.
Visit her website at

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Great Canadian Camouflage™ is the result of years of hard work, thousands of hours of trial and error in the field and thousands of dollars of research and development.

The work speaks for itself. Our camouflage patterns are the most accurate, most functional and most popular in Canada.
We are a brand that hunters can trust, a brand that puts the heart and soul of Canada's outdoors into every square inch of camo. Canada's culture, heritage and history are embodied in our camouflage. This is our mission.

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In a business full of deer antler logos and oak trees, the Mammoth stands out.
Our protected logos, especially our Great Canadian Mammoth Skull™ logo, have become the high standard for quality in Canadian camouflage. Hunters know that when they see the Mammoth skull, they are getting a camo pattern carefully developed and perfected for Canadian habitats.

The Mammoth is the biggest thing in the woods. Second best is not enough.



Our camo patterns are some of the hardest working patterns in the industry. That's because most people get distracted by the fallacy that if people can't see it, animals can't see it either. That just isn't true, and we know it. Our camo takes things 5 steps farther. We make sure that our target animals, many of which have eyesight superior to humans, can't see our camo
It's just common sense.



Our camo patterns range from abstract to immaculately realistic, and regardless of composition, quality is a top priority in our designs. You can almost reach out and feel our camo patterns. Our quality stands out so much that several American companies have commissioned private label camoufleur work from us. We're not only be best Canadian camouflage company, we're a cut above most of the American options.

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 Market  Analytics


Although we cannot measure the demographics of everyone who supports Great Canadian Camo, here are the demographic averages we can measure:
Our market audience is approximate 3-1 Male/Female.
The majority age of our market audience is 18-35 years of age, comprising roughly 3/4 of our audience age range

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Great Canadian Camo is known to at least 255,000 people in North America, and our camo patterns have been proven in successful hunts in every Canadian province and several U.S. states.

We advertise to over 65,000 people every quarter.

This website has, on weekdays, an average of 200-300 visitors daily, and on weekends an average of 600-800 visitors per day.

 Market  Analytics

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Great Canadian Camouflage is dedicated to producing the best camo patterns in the woods, but even that isn't good enough. We are dedicated to adding as much value to Canada's culture and heritage as we can, with whatever power, resources and influence we happen to have. Not only is Canadian history deeply important to who we are, but we understand that history is always in the making, so we may as well make our own mark.

Our camouflage is the Official Camouflage  of: 
  - Yukon Territory
  - The Canadian Wild Turkey Federation
  - The Town of Bancroft, Ontario
and the unofficial Camouflage of Alberta.

We have also organized coalitions to develop Official Provincial Camouflage patterns for Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territory, and Manitoba.

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