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In early 2021, Great Canadian Camouflage's founder and president J.R. Lucas was deputized by Red Green as a leader of Possum Lodge or something like that. There were alot of words in that email and it sounded like alot of work but so far he hasn't been fired. 

We're recruiting new members for the Canadianest fan club in the world and it would be great if you came along for the ride...

Benefits of membership include:

It's literally the most Canadian thing you can do with your income.

Be a part of an international brotherhood that includes such Canadian icons as Red Green and Charlie Farquharson, and if there were other Canadian icons I'm sure they'd be included too.

Monthly meetings hosted by Red Green. You get to watch him talk and everything! He's basically the pope of whatever this is.

You get a lifetime discount from the Red Green online store!

High-quality plastic membership card with your name on it!

And best of all, a chance to be Member of the Month!

So what are you waiting for? Join today!

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