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The eminent camouflage pattern of eastern Canada's hardwood forests, DOMINION camouflage™ is our newest - and final - pattern. It is the pinnacle of our years of research into camouflage technology and it is both immaculately photo-realistic, and structurally abstract. Whether you intend to stalk through the woods, sit up in a tree or crouch down at the forest floor, DOMINION camouflage™ offers perfect concealment for hardwoods.

 Chaos and Camouflage

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Dominion Camouflage full banner.jpg

What this camouflage is good for:

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Dominion camouflage™ is intended for use in the hardwood-dominated St. Lawrence corridor region of southern Ontario and Quebec, as well as the patchy hardwood tracts which penetrate other regions such as Ontario's cottage country and atlantic Canada.

Dominion camo™ is meant to be worn in almost any hunting method, being intentionally made versatile enough to be reliable at ground level, at standing height (perfect for spot-and-stalk), and up in a tree stand. As with our other woodland patterns, we recommend you use your discretion when selecting a camo pattern to wear in a tree, as every tree is different and another camo pattern may better suit your particular hunting site.

Dominion is designed for deer hunting, big-game hunting, predator hunting, and turkey hunting. 


Why this camouflage works so well:

Dominion camouflage™ is photo-realistic, which makes it excellent for the pursuit of sharp eyed game such as turkeys and predators. However, despite the realism, the intent is not to make you look like a tree, but rather to use natural elements to form an effective disruption pattern (which will still hide your form even if dim-sighted animals such as moose cannot appreciate the realism).

Dominion camo is deeply layered, but most layers are presented with the same level of focus, which is a design technique used in this pattern to maintain disruption throughout the pattern. The background layer is an abstract composition engineered to resemble decaying wood, while each of the other layers is meant to resemble common hardwood species.

Dominion camo has a tight contrast level (fairly low overall) and depends more heavily on texture and colour disruption for it's concealment value. The is effective on creatures with both monocular and binocular vision, making this pattern versatile.

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