Great Canadian Camo has staff members representing out camo patterns throughout Canada, and abroad in 3 countries on 2 continents.

Great Canadian Camo is known to at least 185,000 people in North America, and has proven itself in hunts in 2 countries 


Although we cannot measure the demographics of everyone who supports Great Canadian Camo, here are the demographic averages we can measure:
Our market audience is approximate 3-1 Male/Female.
The majority age of our market audience is 18-35 years of age, comprising roughly 3/4 of our audience age range.


We have over 1650 followers on Instagram and Facebook combined.

The Great Canadian Camouflage Co. (formerly Aspen Grove Outdoors) is grateful to be trusted by leading outdoors brands across Canada as the #1 source for camouflage patterns.
We want to do our best to preserve our outdoor heritage and as such we are eager supporters of the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights and their fight to protect Canadian property rights. 
All camouflage patterns on this website, including Aspen Grove brand, True North brand, and unbranded patterns, are the intellectual property of J.R. Lucas and may not be used or copied without express written permission from him. Keep your stick on the ice!